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DishUp's food ranking and personalized recommendations
help you order only what you will enjoy.

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Crave a particular dish?

Discover the restaurants near you serving the best version of the dish you crave that you are most likely to enjoy.

Have a hard time choosing what to order?

Discover dish rankings and which dishes you are most likely to enjoy at that restaurant.

Want to try something new that you will definitely enjoy?

Just open DishUp And we will show you the dishes you are most likely to enjoy around you.

Do you have particular dietary preferences?

Do you eat only vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher, and gluten-free food? Hide dishes that do not fit your diet from search with one click.

Do you try to eat only healthy food?

Find carb, calorie, fat, and protein breakdown for every dish. Discover dishes that fit in your diet.

Do you want to make your kids enjoy their food even more?

Discover the dishes that kids tend to enjoy most.

Do you want to earn discounts for ordering food?

Order food through DishUp and earn bonus point.

Tired of waiting for your order?

Pre-order food with DishUp and earn discounts.

Do you often visit new places?

Discover the dishes you are most likely to enjoy regardless of where you go.

Do you run a restaurant?

Learn how to improve your customers’ experience. Bring new customers to your place.

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